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We offer extensive products and exclusive services for condominiums. We are a team specialized in this sector with more than 5 years of experience.
condominio vmnet internet
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Point-to-point Internet

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Optical Fiber

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Internet Zones

condominio vmnet internet
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Security Cameras

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Telephone Line

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High Speed

The maximum speed in our fiber optic and point-to-point internet services focused on the needs of your department.

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Technical Support

Technical support with solution to faults up to 72 hours with daily attention by Whatsapp

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Bilingual Staff

We have staff ready to assist you in English or Spanish on the different areas of attention

Package Options

There are some of our personalized packages that we have in condominiums

Internet + Telephone

From 6MB to 100MB
  • Multiple internet connection options
  • Symmetric Internet
  • Bilingual Staff
  • Troubleshooting maximum 48hrs
  • Telephony without posting

Internet + Security Camera

From 6MB to 100MB
  • Multiple internet connection options
  • Symmetric internet
  • Bilingual staff
  • Troubleshooting maximum 48hrs
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras

Request a Quote

We customize all our services according to your needs. Fill out the form to request a personalized quote for your condominium
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    Point-to-point InternetOptical FiberWiFi AreasTelephonySecurity Cameras

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    Who are these services for?

    It is designed for residents or managers of a condominium who don’t have many telecommunications options and want more complete option for they apartment.

    Can I request a custom package for my condominium?

    Yes. First, you need to call a sales executive so she can guide you and define what your needs are and thus offer you the option that suits your needs.

    How many interested parties are needed to activate the service?

    Any of our services can be activated from an interested person. The cost will be more accessible as there are more interested parties.

    How can i acquire the services?

    1) Contact us by call, whatsapp or website to the sales team and they will give you all the information you need.

    2) We will schedule a visit for availability of the service or facility, depending on the area

    3) Enjoy the service and make your payment according to the established dates

    Can you install the services the same day?

    Only if we already have it enabled in your area and you make your request before noon. Otherwise, we will review the feasibility of the service and schedule an appointment to install it.

    What is the difference between point-to-point internet, fiber and 4G?

    The point-to-point internet is distributed by microwave waves, does not require posting, faster troubleshooting.
    Optical fiber is by means of cabling, it offers more stability and higher speed.
    4G is easy to install with prepaid plans and it is for data consumption

    Can you install internet anywhere?

    It depends on the viability. The impediments to install can be the distance or geography of the place. To know if your area is viable we would have to do the scanning tests at your home.

    Are your plans forced?

    Our packages have different characteristics and those will depend on whether it will have to be forced or not. For more information, you can contact the sales team and they can guide you.

    Do you have questions?

    Call us or send us WhatsApp at +52 322 244 1988 from Monday to Friday